You dreamed since youth of a Porsche, you ultimately have your celebrated racing car that won 17 times Le Mans 24 Hours. Welcome to the club; after your loved hero of French comic books and manga in Japanese wheeling Porsche, you’re now immersed in the reality with a power car. You enter this special world of Porsche owners with identifiable design. Nothing would be perfect if you do not embrace it the Porsche car radio and multimedia engineering with entertainment, communication, navigation and multiple functions.IT www.autoradio 1001

Radıo For A Rıde
Porsche is a mindset. It’s also one of the few sports cars to be used on circuit, road, as well as every day in the city. For this reason the post android gps auto adaptable Porsche is not completely inappropriate to your vehicle with a GPS mapping system 3D that can be seen on your HD capacitive touchscreen. You will want your car of the motorist aid your gps radio Porsche discover radar will let you know the best routes to get to your own pals, the best restaurants, or just the closest service station. While tracking the road, your multimedia main menu lets you activate your GPS while listening to music from your CD / DVD drive or your virtual CD drive. Double Zone System is here for.
The sound reaches you through the loudspeakers. In the background to information or your favourite music, you are able to listen simultaneously with AM / FM tuner. Most spots can be got from your touchscreen or from the steering wheel. Your android auto first Porsche vehicle also incorporates WiFi, an USB port, auxiliary input signals, a Mirror Link Smartphone, etc.
Additionally you will find in Playertop digital TV HD MPEG-4, an USB 3G wireless and other accessories. Porsche ardent, remember our products guaranteed three years and that home deliveries are free. Online payments are procured class. Finally, but you may already know, your gps Europe will be updated for free for five years. You can visit our site IT www.autoradio 1001